Cultural Interaction and Dance Paper

How many people have you interacted with in the past 24 hours, week, month, and year that come from areas of the world different from yours? How does this impact you? Do you learn something new? Are you exposed to new things, ideas, customs? Did you learn something about a country that you never knew before? What dance styles have you observed that are different from what you know? Did these come from a different country? Has it impacted American dance style? (Your opinion) You will write a one page paper that answers the questions above. Make sure to be very descriptive with the cultures you observed. (ex: Country/countries observed, dress, music, language, accent, mannerisms, customs etc.) Include as many as you can think of. Include interaction that you have had with the person/people and what you learned. Grading Rubric: Meets ALL given instructions/Content Covered (80% of grade) All requirements met = 80 points. Meets partial requirements= 40 points. Does not meet any of the requirements =0 points. Grammar/Spelling (10 %) of grade. 10 points for no errors. (Two points for each spelling/grammar error will be deducted up to 10 points.) Opinion (10%) 10 points for opinions. Thoughtful opinions discussing content area. Points will be deducted if opinion is not validated. (ex: make sure you give a reason for your thoughts not just a simple one sentence opinion.)

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