Compare and contrast Winter Dreams and the Great Gatsby

Literary analysis
Length: 5 pages 
work cited page 
Format: MLA
Depict Racism issue ( movement of the white race), Political isolation, delusion of the American Dream, characters, East vs West civilization, feminism, money (class)
Interpretive vs escapism literature.

1. How does this work fulfill the definition of an interpretive or esacpist work? How does this work fulfill the definition of a realist, naturalist, absurdist, modern, etc. work?
2. write an essay about the use of element of fiction such as symbol or irony in a work. The role of setting, point of view, in a work.
3. Write an essay about the historical, political, psychological, or economic context of a fiction or poem.
4. How is a common subject such as deception, identify formation, love, war, etc., treated in a work. 
5. Apply a critical theory such as feminism or seperate but equal eduaction This could work of Invisible Man) to a work of literature.
6. You can explore the connections between a topic in fiction such as racism in education as in Invisible Man and nonfiction works such as the writings of W.E. Dubois and Booker T. Washington.
7. Discuss two charcaters in a work or in seperate works and the what their shared traits exemplify. Consider Blanche and Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire. 
8. Explain how your selected work is a document of its time. In other words is its salience at the time it was written different from the time it is read?
9. Select outside sources that support your thesis, and cite these sources.

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