Sustainability Improvement Report

Develop a Sustainability Improvement Report.

Review the following websites and take notes on sustainability targets that would be appropriate for the case study organization.

Conduct further research using the Internet or any other source of information to identify the company’s sustainability obligations and how these can be met.

Using your research and analysis, develop a report on your area of Blue Healer to present at a senior management meeting. Your report should include the following:

·        An introduction: state the purpose of the report and summarise the current organisational sustainability practices.

·        Identify the environmental regulations that apply to the organisation

·        Describe, and analyse, procedures that would assess Blue Healer’s compliance with the environmental/ sustainability regulations

·        Explain at least five environmental and resource efficiency systems and procedures that could be relevant for the Blue Healer.

·        Describe at least three benchmarks for environmental and resource sustainability that could be relevant to the organisation

·        Outline at least three common environmental and energy efficiency issues within the industry in which Blue Healer operates

·        Review the case study information and document the current resource usage of your team members.

·        Document your team’s work processes as set out in the case study information and identify at least three ways of reducing their environmental impact.

·        Document the company’s current purchasing strategies as set out in the case study information. Analyse these and determine at least one way that each could be improved.

·        Evaluate the company’s costing strategies and determine whether these can be changed to ensure that the company take sustainability into consideration.

·        Discuss possible strategies for ensuring that resource efficiency continues to occur.

·        Set efficiency targets for your team

While conducting the research, be mindful that many organisations require external assistance in determining the best ways to improve their sustainability. Find, and document, at least two environmental specialists that could perform this task for Blue Healer. They should operate in the same state or territory as your RTO. Include their name, website address and a summary of the services they offer.

Develop an action plan to show at least six actions that will be completed by your team over the upcoming 12 months.

The action plan should show the priorities of actions as well as timelines and responsibilities.

Use the Sustainability Improvement Report Template to guide your work.

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