Sales Department Manager

You are the sales department manager for a U.S.-based company that builds engines for the automotive manufacturing industry. Your company is considering diversifying into other business opportunities where your motors can be sold in order to bolster the company’s portfolio and increase revenue. Based on your knowledge of the national sales landscape, your manager would like you to conduct preliminary research and generate a presentation with your recommendation for opportunity in a new industry that will allow for this diversification through a new sales division and increased sales. You have been asked to make your presentation at the next stakeholder meeting, where you will address internal stakeholders from across the company as well as external stakeholders such as customers, investors, and suppliers.

  1. Provide a broad description of the new industry.

a. Describe the overall attractiveness of the industry.

i. Is this a growing industry?

ii. Is this an industry that has a lot of growth potential?

iii. What outside factors are affecting its growth?

Identify the factors that have allowed competitors to be successful in this industry thus far.

Summarize the overall net worth of the industry.

  1. How is the industry currently trending?

i. Summarize the sales by region.

ii. Define expected growth areas.

Describe the current market trends for the new industry.

  1. What products or services are trending?

i. What are some current customer demands?

ii. Perform a Porter’s Five Forces analysis to determine the potential success of moving into this new industry.

iii. Explain your rationale.

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