Nursing Final Research Paper

Unit 1 Assignment Selection of Topic
Please choose a research topic to investigate from the list provided. If you are enrolled in the FNP
concentration choose from the list of clinical topics. If you are enrolled in the Nurse Educator
concentration choose from the list of education topics. Personal choice topics will not be entertained
as these areas for research follow the guidelines of the agencies that develop accreditation and
certification criteria.
Once you have selected your topic:
 Write 2-3 paragraphs supporting the rationale for your choice and how you will develop this topic.
 Using the PICO(T) format, construct one quantitative question and one qualitative question setting
the stage for developing your research investigation.
 Include a discussion on which research methodology you feel would be most appropriate for your
 Upload your completed document to this assignment area.
 This assignment is due by Sunday at midnight.
Research Topics for Proposal:
Clinical Topics for investigation
 Topics in chronic care across the lifespan
 End of life care
Please use this outline for your final paper.
 Cover page
 Abstract
 (body of paper)
 Introduction (make corrections to previous paper)
 Background
 Ethical considerations (make corrections to previous paper)
 Literature Review (make corrections to previous paper)
 Model
 Discussion
 Conclusion
 Reference
 Appendix (if needed)

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