Mission Critical System

Describe a mission-critical system and why it is important to a company.

  1. Discuss the difference between system software and application software and give one example of each.
  2. Describe a systems analyst as well as some of the responsibilities and characteristics of a systems analyst.
  3. Define big data and the link between big data and NoSQL databases.
  4. What is a business profile and why is it important to a systems analyst?
  5. Discuss three popular methods of developing information systems
  6. Describe strategic planning and discuss how it relates to a mission statement, long-term goals, short-term goals and critical success factors.
  7. Discuss the reasons for systems requests as well as internal and external factors that affect systems requests.
  8. Feasibility is a major factor in systems requests. Discuss the four types of feasibility that are a part of feasibility studies.
  9. What is project scope, why is it important to determine the project scope, and how does that relate to project creep?
  10. What is corporate culture and why is it important to the systems analyst?
  11. What five questions should systems analyst or anyone interested in being a successful communicator answer before communicating?
  12. How can the economic feasibility of a project be determined
  13. What is a payback period and why is it important?
  14. How is Return on Investment (ROI) calculated and why is it important?
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