Management at Apple Store

Assume that you are a senior manager working in Apple and looking to hire a ‘Market Leader’ for Canadian Apple retail stores. Determine THREE selection tool (predictors) you would use to select the most suitable candidate and briefly explain your decision. Below are the job requirements –
Key Qualifications

-Experience building respected leadership teams and developing talent to support business growth.
-Passion for Apple’s commitment to unparalleled customer service
-Proven ability to keep multiple locations aligned while executing organizational initiatives. Description
As a Market Leader, you inspire teams to deliver experiences that build customer loyalty and guide the development of your management talent. Because each location operates sales, training, technical support, and business-focused segments, your job is complex and challenging. You lead your staff to maintain peak performance, even working side by side with them. As each store experiences vigorous growth and constant change, you continually refocus your teams on providing a quality experience for each customer at the Apple Store. You analyze key metrics, including customer and employee feedback, and provide guidance for each store to achieve market goals. Bridging the worlds of retail and corporate, you combine executive vision with field execution to contribute to the future success of Apple.

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