Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

1. Understand the process of Human Resource Management

2. List Maslow’s hierarchy of needs


3.      Know and understand the Theories of Motivation

4.      Understand the strategies of Job Redesign

5.      Define: Downsizing, Employment at will, and Turnover

1.      Know and understand the four types of teams

2.      Understand why teams fail

3.      Define what Groupthink is

4.      Define the two main teamwork roles (task-facilitating roles and relationship-building roles)

5.      Understand the nature of communication, communication flows, and communication barriers

1.      Understand the different Market Segmentation classifications

2.      Define what a Target Market is

3.      Understand the 4 P’s of Marketing

4.      Understand the characteristics associated with a brand

5.      List the three main brand strategies

6.      Identify pricing strategies that are appropriate for new and existing products

7.      Define what a Value Chain is

8.      Define the various marketing strategies

9.      Understand the Product Life Cycle

10.  Understand the forces that make up a company’s external marketing environment

1.      Describe what a product is

2.      Identify the four major Product Development categories

3.      Understand what Seth Godin means by “Purple Cows

4.      Know what percentage of new product ideas come from entrepreneurs and small businesses

5.      Understand the four types of utility provided by a product

6.      Describe what a Breakeven Analysis is

7.      Identify the number of product failures a company has before they create a successful product

8.      Understand the purpose of a patent

1.      Understand what Quality Control is

2.      Know the three basic methods or strategies of the production process

3.      Understand the production layout choices managers have

4.      Understand the products service companies provide

5.      List the purposes and benefits of outsourcing

1.      Understand the difference between a Managerial Accountant and a Financial Accountant

2.      Know the main components of an income statement

3.      Understand the purpose of a balance sheet

4.      Know the purpose of a cash flow statement

5.      Understand why the federal Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was put in place

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