Human Resource Management


LMA is a hypothetical well-established tobacco firm based in Sydney. The company is expanding fast

in terms of both new staff and business. The CEO has noted some recruitment and selection issues

and has called your team of HR consultants to meet with him and the HR Manager to solve them.


LMA has seen a gradual decline in the number of applications they received per job opening.

Furthermore, recruitment evaluations have shown that the recruitment process is not effective,

especially in terms of productivity, quality and cost of recruitment. Noticeably, there are issues of

high staff turnover. New employees tend to leave after 1-3 years of joining the company, causing

huge financial loss and putting a strain on the recruitment function.


• Interview question are not currently standardised for each position. Interview questions are

about applicants’ CV and prior experience, the job description and some other more general

questions. Questions are sometimes used to gauge how applicants respond to unexpected

situations. ‘Forward looking’ questions are used to assess candidates’ motivation and how they

see their future.

• Competency questions are not generally used

• Different interviewers approach interviews differently

• Not all candidates had the same number or type of interviews, even for the same type of role.

Some candidates did not complete tests at all; some completed tests during the first interview

and some completed them afterwards. There was general confusion over the process, and how

the number of interviews was decided upon.

• Many reported that once they met the CEO at their final interview, his passion convinced them

they wanted the job, but his vision is expressed personally and only to those meeting him at the

final interview.


Suggest a complete selection process for an accountant in LMA and justify your suggestions

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